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Chip Kelly Defends Colin Kaepernick, Lays Smackdown on Nasally Local San Francisco Reporter

I think we all have to admit Chip Kelly took on a few interesting Q&A sessions here while he was the coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. I’m also going to say that the Colin Kaepernick story is easily the toughest conversation Chip has had to be a part of as a head coach in the NFL. So many takes, so many personalities and all that needs to come before you even think about speaking your mind. Chip needs to measure his approach, inch by inch. One wrong answer and his words will get flipped around so fast and his locker room will be bringing up the fact that he kept Riley Cooper on his roster.

After watching a few press conferences and really listening to what the old Eagles coach has to say, I really do feel like he is speaking from the heart and for the most part, has his players back. Although it’s Chip Kelly, he is a pathological liar.

There’s no question Chip had the players’ backs when it came to this Q&A exchange during today’s 49ers press conference with the media. A gentleman who I have never heard of, Lowell Cohn, looks as smug in his twitter profile picture and has the matching voice to go along with said picture, decided to tell Chip how he should run his team. I thought Chip handled it perfectly. Press play and hear Chip and Mr. Cohnnnnnnnnn debate the topic of the day.

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