The Phillies’ Farm System Is Rated the Best in Baseball

Ken Inness |

After seeing the Cubs win the World Series, we now know anything’s possible. And now, we have something to look forward in regards to the Phillies. Philly’s big league club has been tough to watch for the last five seasons, but times – they are a changin’. The Phillies now have a farm system that’s ranked the best in all of professional baseball.

According to, the Phillies have the top-ranked farm system in all of professional baseball as the Phillies minor league teams finished 482-348. That .581 winning percentage is the best among all the organizations in the National League and is second in all of baseball. The Seattle Mariners were tops with a .590 winning percentage.

Despite not having the best winning percentage, the MiLB still rated the Phillies as having the best farm system because of the improvement the Phillies have had in two years and the volume of the quality of prospects in the system.

Five Phillies minor league affiliates reached the playoffs in 2016.

In 2014, the Phillies farm system was 303-393, the worst record of all farm systems.

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