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Week 14 NFL Analysis: The Day After Sunday

Are you looking for scores, recaps, highlights, and predictions all in one place? In this post, I will try to give a quick recap of what happened yesterday and give a quick prediction of what I see happening tonight. All this plus the highlights of all the top plays of the day! Let’s get to it, shall we?

Chiefs 21, Raiders 13
Even though the Oakland Raiders have been one of the best teams in football, this was a must-win game. Unfortunately, the finger of Derek Carr looks like it will limit his throws, which led to this crushing loss. Prayers go to Derrick Johnson who blew another Achilles. This is a big loss for KC.

Steelers 27, Bills 20
Le’Veon Bell singlehandedly just cost Rex Ryan his job. He bobbed and weaved his way through the Winter Wonderland to show why the Steelers are so lethal.

Panthers 28, Chargers 16
Another game where a superstar was knocked out early. Fantasy heartthrob Melvin Gordon was taken to the locker room with a hip injury and then the wheels fell off the Chargers’ train.

Lions 20, Bears 10
Matt Stafford is very close to locking up the MVP vote as he leads his Lions to a 9-4 record and Matt Barkley is trying to show he can lead the Bears. I did say TRY!

Bengals 23, Browns 10
A big Who cares? game here as the Browns lose again. The Bengals continue to give the fans a sense of false hope.

Texans 22, Colts 17
The Colts call a screen play on the final play of the game on a 4th and 1. Wait, what?

Vikings 25, Jaguars 16
The Jaguars looked to be on the verge of shocking the world with a win, but it was only wishful thinking. Gus Bradley is already looking for a new zip code courtesy of Blake Bortles’ bad delivery.

Dolphins 26, Cardinals 23
Bruce Arians has to be asking himself what else he can do as he loses to Miami and Matt FREAKIN’ Moore. Moore completed three of his five attempts for 47 yards, setting up the decisive field goal.

Redskins 27, Eagles 22
Even though the Eagles played with more conviction, Jay Gruden still outcoached Dougie P. Bad line play, drops in the endzone, stupid penalties and questionable play calling still buries the Birds.

Titans 13, Broncos 10
With the way Denver refuses to stop the run, but protects the pass, Marcus Mariota only amassed 88 yards on 20 attempts. The Titans rode their Clydesdales all the way through Siemens’s inaccuracies for a win.

Jets 23, 49ers 17
In the second Who cares? game of the day, Todd Bowles beat Chip Kelly. Enough said!

Packers 38, Seahawks 10
Aaron Rodgers has found his MVP form as Russell Wilson reverts back to junior year by throwing five picks. Fortunately for the Seahawks, they play a Little League schedule for their final three games.

Falcons 42, Rams 10
Does everyone see why Jared Goff sat for a while? Sure there is still time to improve, but this guy couldn’t hit a Dallas Cowboys’ tractor trailer parked in the lot at The Linc. Matt Ryan continues his MVP performance.

Bucs 16, Saints 11
This sure wasn’t the shootout everyone though it would be. However, Drew Brees is alone atop the chart for consecutive 4,000 yard seasons with 11. He wasn’t on his game for the second straight week and continues to give the football up. On the flip side, the Tampa Bay defense is why they are so good this year.

Giants 10, Cowboys 7
In another great Sunday night game, the Giants withstood the OBJ drops and the loss of Shane Vereen to upset the Cowboys on a national stage … again. There is no doubt the ‘Boys will be back with Dak Prescott under center next week.

Monday Night Football prediction: The Ravens are in a zone right now and the Patriots are adjusting their offense to cope with the loss of Rob Gronkowski. Even though I think the Ravens will give them a run, the Patriots will still prevail at home. Malcolm Mitchell and Dion Lewis will spark up the big plays needed to win!

Patriots 24, Ravens 20.

I hope you enjoyed the recap as well as the video below profiling all the top plays on Sunday.

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