How Did Philly Mag Allow This Line to be Written?

Yesterday, it all started as a joke. Philly Mag‘s Senior Reporter Vic Fiorillo [after yesterday, maybe Philly Mag should start looking to add to their lineup because if this is the take of a “Senior Reporter” … sheesh] – wrote a post that would be contrarian to everybody’s enthusiasm regarding the NFL Draft being in Philly. You know the recipe. You always have to get an Uber driver take on how his fares are down or the Fairmount resident who complains parking is tough. Trust me, look up any negative post about the Pope visit, M.I.A or the Democratic convention and you’ll see, it’s as old as a crusty of a take as “snowballs at Santa.” C’mon Vic, you’re a “Senior Reporter” … be more creative. Or not.

Then Vic fires this line which, in my opinion, seems to lump every player that was entering the NFL – a day that these players have worked their ass off to reach – into one of the categories. Vic says, “So why on earth should the city be in lockdown mode for a bunch of future rapists, domestic-assault suspects, and drunk drivers who just happen to be able to catch a ball?”

Curious how Philly Mag allows that line to be posted? I’m curious, Vic, can you tell me which player will do what? Would love to hear you speak on that. I’m also curious if you did any research on the players that were draft eligible? How many of them donated their time and money to charity? How many made appearances at CHOP this week or other hospitals, charities, etc?

Last thing, no doubt in my mind Vic’s take is completely “tone-deaf” and if you want to say racist, I won’t argue with you. Vic is a dope and I’m hoping to get him on the podcast next week so we can hear exactly how he came up with this POS take. He responded to my tweet at him by talking internet traffic. Well, Vic, I hope you’re watching FOX 29 this evening because I’m squarely calling you out and Philly Mag for posting this garbage. Hopefully, we up those “traffic” numbers for you!


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