Jake Arrieta shows class still exists in MLB


When the Phillies reached out and signed a big fish named Jake, they knew what kind of player they were getting, but now they see they’ve received much more.

After deciding to sign a contract that would take him away from the Windy City, he decided to take to social media to express his feeling for a town he called his own for five years. Players form a special bond and a belonging to franchises, but do not always elaborate on their feelings once the business side of sports takes over. Jake Arrieta decided to keep that group far away and enter into the sea of class. Here is what he said below:

“In the midst of what felt like never ending adversity and failure, I was traded to the Chicago Cubs on July 2, 2013. This was the beginning of a four and a half year stretch that would forever change our lives. On the verge of walking away from the game I love dearly, Theo called, and the transformation began. I looked myself in the mirror, as well as my two year old son and pregnant wife knowing in my heart that everything was about to change.

“Chicago was our home, and will forever be a special place for my entire family. We raised our children in Wrigleyville, one of the most iconic places in all of sports. Going to work every day was an honor for many reasons from the storied history of the organization, to the high character individuals I was surrounded by year after year. Three consecutive NLCS appearances, two NL Central Titles, and a World Series Championship… the first in 108 years. Childhood dreams turned reality, thanks to so many amazing people, all holding one another to a very high standard.

“I send gracious thanks to the Ricketts family and front office for their commitment to winning at any cost. Going the extra mile to take care of our families was never taken for granted. I was lucky to have dedicated teammates that willingly shed blood, sweat, and tears to achieve our goals. I will miss going to battle with all of you, but look forward to competing on opposite sides moving forward. Lastly, thanks to all Cubs fans around the world for standing with us, and investing in us even when times were tough. You will all be missed dearly. Thanks for the memories.”


From his heartfelt words and his unique signature at the end, Arrieta has proven he will be a likable guy on and off the field. The City of Brotherly Love has always taken notice of genuine personalities throughout the years and Arrieta will prove to be no different. This was a no risk/high reward signing in my opinion, and one that will serve its purpose for years to come. Having a polished ace on your staff with playoff experience will not only help the younger pitchers develop, but give them a valuable source of information that could rapidly speed up the process.

My prediction for Arrieta: 16-8, 2.98 ERA. Do you agree?

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