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Doug Pederson spoke on the Golden Tate touchdown that almost didn’t happen

It’s been almost a week since Golden Tate saved the Eagles season and consequently, the fandom from having unified heartbreak. With a little over the minute left in last week’s playoff game, Tate snatched victory out of the air with his incredible goal line catch. Since that time, sideline videos have come out to highlight the bizarre confusion on the play between Tate and Eagles quarterback Nick Foles.

Clips show Tate claiming, “I didn’t even see him alert it.” Wide receiver Mike Wallace curiously replies to Tate, “What made you do it then?” Tate, still in shock, stated, “I looked back and saw him rolling!”

Since the video has surfaced on social media and prominent broadcasts like Inside the NFL on Showtime, clarity on the breakdown of this signature play of the offseason didn’t come until today. Reporter Sheil Kapadia from The Athletic Philadelphia asked Pederson about the play Friday morning, and later tweeted the exchange. Kapadia wrote:

“There was no kill call. Sprint out was the play. The run would’ve been the kill. Tate had the wrong call when the ball was snapped, turned around, saw Foles and ran his route.”

What if Tate never turned around? What if he ran the wrong route because of the play call confusion? Thankfully, we’ll don’t have to consider those answers. Our season was saved in a truly fortuitous way by a truly gifted playmaker using his skill to propel us over the top.


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