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Ben Simmons wants to meet with Magic Johnson in the off-season

Look, I speak from experience here. Don’t listen to me – I was the guy who ruined a few relationships over jealousy. Yeah, I was once that dude so I have no reservations about pulling that skeleton back out of my closet.

Allow me to explain.

Before yesterday’s Sixers-Lakers game – a game in which the Sixers dropped 143 and I thought they could’ve played better – Lakers president of basketball operations, Magic Johnson, was asked if he enjoyed Ben Simmons’ game. From there, Magic dropped some surprising info about Simmons reaching out to the Lakers to see if Magic was available for a possible workout where “big guard” skills would be discussed.

Just listen to the video, it will get the jealousy bone tingling.


As you hear, it comes off extremely surprising and it doesn’t feel right. Magic Johnson was a great player and I’m sure it’s all on the up and up from Simmons’ perspective, but I’m sorry, Magic is with the Lakers. Of course Magic will take the meeting. If I’m Elton Brand, I just keep losing that form to sign off on. Continue to put it on the bottom of the pile of the daily tasks every time Simmons comes around.

Now here’s the deal on Simmons that should calm everyone down, including myself. Simmons can and most likely will sign a five-year max deal this upcoming summer with the Sixers. That’s all that matters in this discussion. Now there are people who will point to the Anthony Davis fiasco in New Orleans – a Klutch Sports operation more defined – a situation where the player tried to force his way out of town. Could that happen here? Of course. Anything’s possible. Ultimately, winning is the disinfectant.

Simmons leads the Sixers to postseason success, he won’t want to go anywhere.

UPDATE: Brand was on 97.5 The Fanatic today and downplayed Magic’s comments, saying he denied the request over a month ago.


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  1. Cory

    Thank you Sean for explaining that Ben is restricted and isnt going anywhere until after his second contract. Other blogs/radio stations arent explaining that and getting morons all fired up for nothing. Good work.

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