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Héctor Neris got the Dodgers upset after beating them

In the middle of appealing a three-game suspension after beaning David Freese on Tuesday night, Phillies closer Héctor Neris notched a save on Thursday afternoon against the Los Angeles Dodgers, despite giving up another solo homer in the top of the 9th.

But it’s what happened after the final out that’s got people talking. On the YouTube-only game, Neris could be seen after Bryce Harper squeezed the final out in right center field gazing into the Dodgers dugout. The YouTube commentary team of Scott Braun, Orel Hershiser, and Ben Davis paid virtually no attention to it until the post-game show, but in real time, the Phillies’ radio guys Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen noticed it and discussed it. They weren’t sure what had happened.

After the game, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said Neris yelled, “F— you!” into their dugout, causing the team that just lost the game to get fired up.

The Phillies have had some close calls the last few years in regards to on-field animosity. Their beef with the New York Mets was well-documented, but because the Mets are just plain bad, the fire that was there has seemingly been extinguished. Fastballs aimed in the general vicinity of Rhys Hoskins’ head were not responded to with fists, but with home runs.

But it’s never gotten to the point where fists have flown. And there likely won’t be another game between the Phillies and Dodgers this season unless the Phillies go on a run, make the playoffs, and then play the Dodgers in October. But the seeds have been planted. All because Neris got a little hyped up about closing out the best team in MLB.

After the game, Neris said, “It’s a great win for my team and just I let my emotion get out.” It happens. It’s happened before against our teams. Of course, the Dodgers were still probably miffed at Neris for hitting Freese on Tuesday night seconds after blowing another save, but one would think they seemingly exacted their revenge by stepping on and tripping on Rhys Hoskins’ ankle during Thursday’s game.

Dirty, but that’s the game. You’re going to have people say the runner apologized right away. And even if that’s accurate and Max Muncy legitimately felt bad about it, it’s hard not to see it was on purpose. He’s looking down directly at what he’s doing. Maybe he didn’t mean for it to be as bad as it looked, and thankfully Hoskins is okay, but I doubt Dodger fans are going to think that was anything but an accident. It’s how they’re wired.

I’ll never defend Neris for throwing at anyone, but it just seems comical that the Dodgers got that upset about an F-bomb. Maybe they’re still upset about 2008 and 2009.

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