Carson Wentz

Heat Ratio Sports: The Jalen Hurts Change-up

Led by Jalen Hurts, the Philadelphia Eagles did the unthinkable by beating the No. 1 seed New Orleans Saints. This was a huge win and solid showing by the rookie QB. Will it continue?

Also on this episode:

  • The Carson Wentz/Doug Pederson problem Ron Jaworski compares Jalen to Randall. Thoughts?
  • The return of Miles Sanders and a reborn offensive line. What changed?
  • A Browns-Ravens Game of the Century. Could Baker be better than Lamar?
  • The Phillies hired Dave Dombrowski to lead the team. Will he trade away the farm? Does this change your opinion on the team?
  • Is Luka Doncic the best player in the #NBA nobody talks about?
  • What’s in John’s CD Wallet and some 90’s Hip Hop Trivia

In another interesting week in sports, Jigsaw (@TCutillo23), John (@PGHJohn36), Mikey Googs (@MikeyGoogs), and Dave (@Coachdickson365) cover all the current topics, local and national, while going around the world of Sports to digest the various perspectives.

The Heat Ratio Podcast (@heatratiosports) brings a set of unique views and opinions each week to focus on all the big sports stories making it to the top of the headlines. Come join in the discussion and make your opinions heard! Can you bring the Heat?

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