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Your Morning Brew (11/15/21): The Eagles top the Broncos, AEW Full Gear, and more

We’re back at it with an all new Brew. The Eagles and Broncos did battle yesterday and believe it or not, the Birds took it to the Broncos. Ben Simmons continues to find ways to stay in the headlines. A broadcasting legend in Philadelphia is retiring. AEW put on one hell of a show on Saturday night for Full Gear. So let’s not keep you waiting any longer, it’s Brew time.

Ben Simmons to Boston?

Rich Paul and Ben Simmons have no shame

Get well, coach

Howie scouting new ways to ruin the Eagles?

More on what Roseman is potentially up to

Eagles come away with the Win

Game recap

Big play Slay

Nice effort, Teddy

DeVonta Smith had a great first half

How’d we do with our predictions this week?

Jim Gardner to retire

This was great

If you believe the tears are real, boy do I have some things to sell you

Crocodile tears

Fox News wants to see a divided Nation

Paul Gosar is sick and twisted

Please make this loser go away

Tell me you’re a weenie without telling me you’re a weenie

She seems sane

Gene Simmons has something to say about the unvaccinated

Brian Williams is moving on

Prices are skyrocketing for U.S. Consumers


Pokémon leaks

Adele speaks

Britney Spears is free

Verzuz is heating up to end the year

This article is worth the read

AEW Full Gear results

Your new AEW Champion

CM Punk survived

Is someone jealous of John Cena?

Holy sh#t!

1 on 1 with the Undertaker

King Roman?

Nova basketball looked strong in their opener

UCLA took down the Wildcats in a showdown

College basketball is back baby!!

Nikola Jokic snapped and got the WWE treatment

Steph Curry is a bad man

What a photo

What an assist

Dalvin Cook could be in big trouble

Be better, Schefty

Aaron Rodgers received a slap on the wrist


The Doctor for Aaron Rodgers fears communism

So damn close

The Rams make a splash

Cam Newton is back and making a difference on the field

Conor McGregor is a nerd

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