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Your Morning Brew (11/29/21): Eagles Lose, College Football, and more

We’re back at it with an all new Morning Brew. The Birds did battle with the Giants and stunk up the joint. It was a wild weekend in College Football. Joel Embiid is back after his bout with Covid. Let’s get right to it. It’s Brew time.

The Eagles sucked this week

Damn it!

Never forget

Great pick by Howie Roseman


How’d we do with our predictions this week?

Joel Embiid returned to the Sixers lineup on Saturday night

The G.O.A.T. rang the bell at the Sixers game

Crazy tip in!

Minnesota got the dub in double OT

The Phillies missed out on Starling Marte

The Mets made a splash for sure

And the Mets still might not be done

The Flyers postpone a game


He got bitten

You sir get a free hat

I see no lies

Subpoenas for the Con Man’s squad

Stephen Colbert on Kyle Rittenhouse

A Con Man posing with the Kenosha Killer

In not shocking news

If you support this man, you really should question yourself

You’re damn right, they’re all guilty!

This was a no brainer

Jackie Johnson is a disgrace

Lauren Boebert continues to show how much of a disgrace she is

After the blowback, Boebert had to “apologize”

Another senseless murder

The situation in Ethiopia is bad

A new Coronavirus variant has been detected

There will be more cases

The Rock comes through for this Navy veteran

Ben and Jen news

This is where you’ll find the guys that are overcompensating for you know what

Fan attacks Seth Rollins on Monday Night Raw

The story

Chavo Guerrero pleads for relevance

When the Cowboys lose, America wins

Let’s see some highlights from the Dallas Loss

You hate to see it

Down went Ohio State

What College Football is all about

Pandemonium in Ann Arbor

Michigan State beats Penn State

Football is so beautiful in the snow

Down go the Sooners

Minnesota adds insult to injury

Unbelievable catch


LSU pulled it off

Alabama survives in 4 overtimes

Auburn had 1 job to do

Next week will be just as wild

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