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Your Morning Brew (11/8/21): 76ers City Edition Uniforms, Eagles-Chargers, Aaron Rodgers, and more

We’re back at it with an all new Morning Brew. The Sixers have some sick new uniforms that have the City of Philadelphia buzzing. The Eagles took on the Chargers on Sunday down in South Philly and lost a close one. Aaron Rodgers is making the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. The Atlanta Braves won the World Series. Tragedy struck at the Travis Scott concert. So Let’s get right to it, it’s Brew time.

Oh my goodness

I’m in love. I’m all shook up.

The rest of the league’s City Edition uniforms

How beautiful

Sixers get the W in their new uniforms

Look at this block!

All ball baby

That face is priceless

Yes we do

More fines coming for Ben Simmons

Chargers beat the Birds with a late field goal

The game recap

Not a good look from a fan

How’d we do with our predictions this week?

Zach Ertz is a great dude

The Braves are the World Series Champs

How it ended

World Series MVP

You had a feeling how things were going to end after this dinger

It is Proud Boy Porn

How stupid are these people?

This is what Donald Trump created

Ted Cruz and conservatives are mad at Big Bird…seriously

Krasner gets a second term

Tough break for this “MAGA” enthusiast

Important listen for those who have no clue what Critical Race Theory is

I’m not surprised


Kanye West has no redeemable qualities

He’s delusional too

Get your money, Beans

Tragedy strikes the Travis Scott concert

Yeah okay

It’s always about the Kardashians

This is how you do it

Get well, Mox

This is an awful story

The Ruggs mugshot

Aaron Rodgers missed yesterday’s game due to a positive covid test

Did Rodgers really lie?

Just call him Doctor Rodgers now

A job at Fox News is awaiting Rodgers for sure

Major addition to the story

Pretty much


What the hell was he thinking?

OBJ is done in Cleveland

Bombshell Report of Accusations against Dave Portnoy

Portnoy Responds

*Flashback to remind us of who Dave Portnoy is

More WWE releases with some popular names on the list

Did vaccination status play a factor?

WWE is celebrating The Rock all month long

Such a great moment

A heartbreaker for the Lions this week

Fake punt alert!!!

Between the legs

Absolutely brutal

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