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Your Morning Brew (12/6/21): Union lose a heartbreaker, Gardner Minshew Delivers, and more

We’re back at it with an all new Morning Brew. The Philadelphia Union had a big playoff matchup on Sunday and unfortunately came up just a little short. Gardner Minshew and the Eagles beat the Jets and looked pretty good doing it. Major League Baseball is in a lockout. The College Football playoffs are set. We have this and so much more to cover this week, so let’s get to it. It’s Brew time!

The hype video

What an atmosphere

The scene was set

New York moves on

The Union fought

The goal that ended it


Eagles take home the W

Gardner Minshew got the call on Sunday

Minshew to Goedert

Minshew to Goedert Part II

Mood after the Birds win

Big energy

How’d we do with our picks this week?

MLB Lockout

What the players want

This has been brewing

News about balls

The Phillies finally made a move

Now would be a good time for Portland to trade us Dame Lillard

Why am I not surprised?

Well what do we have here, Tucker?

This sounds about white coming from Boebert

This is what Conservative rhetoric leads to

DeSantis wants to establish his own Proud Boy Militia

Bob Dole has passed away

The trial of Ghislaine Maxwell is under way

“Jane” speaks about being introduced to the Pig Donald Trump

We are not a serious country

Sorry Jim, I prefer not to be lectured by guys that cover up sexual abuse

Another week, another school shooting

This is insane

CNN fires Chris Cuomo

Dave Portnoy vs Keith Olbermann

Dave is such a hero (insert blank stare)

Proofread your headlines, tough guys

We remember Large Marge

Paper Mario

Twitter has a new CEO

Rihanna gets honored

Apparently Olivia Rodrigo is a big deal

Bizzy Bone is a mess

Lil’ Wayne made an appearance at Verzuz

Uh oh

Looks like Austin Theory is getting the Vinny Mac rub

Lesnar vs Reigns at Day 1

Brian Kelly leaves Notre Dame for LSU

Kelly’s move has people talking

Notre Dame moves on

USC gets their guy

What a fake slide

Tough ending for Oklahoma State

Bama takes down Georgia

A great play on the road to the Big Ten Title for Michigan

Special moment


Alabama vs Cinderella in one Playoff Matchup

Michigan vs Georgia in the other Playoff game

They finally did it!

Congrats to the Lions for their first win of the season

From the f’n stands!

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