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Your Pi Brew (12/27/21): Eagles get a huge win against the Giants, and more

We’re back at it with an all new Brew. The Eagles head coach tested positive for the Coronavirus. The Birds came up with big win against the Giants despite a slow start. Tyrese Maxey is having a bad week. NHL players will not be participating in the Olympics. We have a lot to get to, so let’s do this. It’s Brew time.

Nick Sirianni has tested positive for Covid-19

Maybe they just like this playlist?

Eagles get a huge win

Lane Johnson with the touchdown

Pick 6

Great response

Congrats are in order

How’d we do with our predictions?

Adam Schefter on the Eagles’ mindset at QB

Colin Cowherd had some thoughts on the Eagles

Thank you, New York!

Dallas wins the NFC East

WFT in shambles

I think this would be a no brainer at this point

Get the hell out of here with this nonsense

New team to watch?

Glad everyone is okay

Maxey also gets Covid

No NHL players in the Olympics

This is gross

He spends his life suing people to prevent the truth from coming out

The damage has been done

The Let’s Go Brandon crowd really are a bunch of dorks

Schmeck the Schmuck

*NSFW – This is the type of people they are

You don’t say, Marjorie

Nailed it!

Florida does it again

Racists want to rewrite history

Yes – the KKK still exists

Chuck Todd gets schooled

Merry Christmas, Kim

The family reacts

Audi steps up

Prices just keep going up

No “All I want for Christmas” on this list???

No more Coldplay after 2025

Were you angry?

Does anyone care?

Birthday suit for Christina Aguilera


Have you seen this man?

Pony up the Twenty Million, Jake

This is pretty cool

AEW fan gets kicked out for ignorant sign

What a WWE tryout looks like

Roman Reigns ruled the WWE in 2021

Terrible name for an arena

History for the guy that thinks Joe Rogan makes a good doctor

Meanwhile in Seattle

Nick Foles does it again

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