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Your Pi Brew (1/10/22): Eagle-Bucs Sunday, Reigns-Lesnar, and more


We’re back with a new Brew. The Eagles’ backups lost to the Cowboys’ starters on Saturday night. More importantly though, the Eagles launched a new initiative for the City of Philadelphia. The NFL Playpff matchups are set for Super Wildcard Weekend. Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns are clicking on all cylinders. Antonio Brown just will not shut the hell up. We have a lot to get to this week, so let’s do this thing. It’s Brew time!

End the gun violence

More on the initiative

The Cowboys won their Super Bowl against the Eagles backups

Run Eagles Run

Get this bum out of here now

Minshew shovel

Single season rookie receiving yards record

Don’t screw it up, Howie

How’d we do with our predictions?

Birds are heading down South next week

Playoff matchups are set

No surprise here

The story gets crazier

Please shut up, Antonio

Let him boycott it

Well…there’s the response to the report

The Giants really suck

Calvin Ridley era over in the ATL?

Wilson not getting traded?

Trick play alert

Way to make something happen here


Please make Jackson Mahomes go away

Annnndddd we’re still waiting for Ben to be traded

Believe us, it matters

Klay Thompson is back

LaMelo with the sweet pass

What he said

One year later

The voice of reason

For those keeping score at home

Not all of them are who you think they are

Sue the Con Man like the Con Man would sue you

Ted Cruz is a coward

Pathetic indeed

Carlson must own Viagra stocks

Let them rot

They want everyone to forget what happened

Taco Lover Pass?

Would you try it?

New album from The Weeknd is officially out

Kimmy Cakes knows how to flaunt it

Wise words from Tupac

Beef reignited

Welcome to Hotel California

R.I.P. Sidney Poitier

And R.I.P. Bob Saget

Do you like the look?

A reminder since it’s snow season

Mario Kart 9

Villanova to retire Josh Hart’s number

Jackson State is Primetime

The Wings get the W


Samoa Joe gone from the WWE

Absolute money

This storyline is fire

WWE & Impact?????

Smackdown Results

Funky goal

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