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Your Pi Brew (2/14/22): All Things Super Bowl LVI, James Harden, and more

We’re back with a new Brew. It finally happened. Ben Simmons has been traded out of Philadelphia and the James Harden era begins in the City of Brotherly love. The Super Bowl halftime show kicked a ton of ass. The Los Angeles Refs…I mean Rams are your Super Bowl champions. Let’s get right to it. It’s Brew time!

The Rams and the Refs are your Super Bowl champions

NFL officiating is the worst

The winning drive by the Rams…

It was all about the refs when it mattered most

The game winning touchdown

Cooper Kupp was the MVP (after the refs of course)

OBJ with the first touchdown of the game

OBJ went down with an injury

Joe Mixon with the TD throw

Bengals came out of halftime on fire

Still D.R.E.

Snoop still has it


Eminem gives the middle finger to the NFL

The NFL didn’t want the kneel…cowards!

More on the Halftime show

Oh FFS, Charlie. STFU!

Conservatives really hate anything not white, don’t they?

Imagine being this pathetic

Was this the commercial of the night?

New Snoop


Harden lands in Philadelphia

Woj speaks


Cheerleaders Philly is coming in hot

Sin City makes their play for Harden

Jim Gardner continues to be incredible

Not our problem anymore

New digits for Mister Softee

Dead on

Jojo with the poster

No caption needed indeed

Universal DH approved

Not surprising


Yep… send a message

DaBaby and his squad making headlines for all the wrong reasons

Kanye West can go F all the way off

Kanye needs help

Poor kid

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