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Your Pi Brew (5/26/22): School Shooting in Texas, Joel Embiid gets screwed, and more

We’re back with an all new Brew. Joel Embiid got the shaft again from the NBA. The Eagles make another roster move. The nation mourns again after a school shooting in Texas and shockingly (not) the politicians of this Country won’t do anything about it. Hurricane season is coming. We have a lot to get into as always, so let’s do this. It’s Brew time!

Joel Embiid gets screwed again

Here’s your NBA 1st team

Neither have I

More drama brewing for the Nets?

This is going to be dope

Roster move for the Birds

Nick Foles to the Colts (lol!)

Hard Knocks heads to Arizona

New stadium coming for Washington?

Tampa Bay eliminates Claude Giroux and the Florida Panthers

Again the nation mourns

Oh look… Raphael “Ted” Cruz is whipping out his power of prayer to save us

What a shock

“Returning to God” doesn’t save lives,  you dumbass!

Beto puts the heat on the Texas Governor

The NRA and Texas leaders are in bed together

Now f’n do something about it!

Jay Wright gives the nod to Steve Kerr’s comments

Another GOP moron…

It’s never going to stop on it’s own

This behavior is unacceptable, but who is honestly surprised at this point?

Get the popcorn ready

The Simpsons come after Fox News

US appeals court blocks controversial law by Ron DeSantis

The 2022 most influential 100 people according to TIME

Well isn’t this just lovely?

Hurricane season is coming

This was an absolute mess

Your MTV movie and TV awards host

Kristen Stewart at Cannes

This is just outrageous

Intimate look from Christen Harper

UGK vs 8Ball & MJG

We definitely do not need or want this

Sofia Vergara looks exceptional!

The Eminem Show 20th Anniversary edition

WWE brand split done?

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