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Your Pi Brew (7/7/22): Paige Spiranac, Mayor Kenney, and more

We’re back with an all new Brew. The Mayor of Philadelphia has given up on the city.  Maxim recently released their annual “hot 100” list, along with naming Paige Spiranac their sexiest woman alive. Spiranac has been all over the place recently. With us in the middle of summer, now is a great time to see who landed on their list. Another week, another mass shooting in the United States. Shannon Sharpe verbally murdered Kevin Durant. We have a lot to get to, so let’s get right to it. It’s Brew time.

He did it again

Let’s just admire the tear Schwarber is on

Congrats, Rhys Hoskins

You love to see it

Shannon Sharpe murders Kevin Durant

Julio Rodriguez with an absolute bomb

Jimmy Butler…lol

Black Jesus

Will there be anyone left in the Pac-12?

This is wack


This should be dope!!

How could Simmons have a higher 3-point rating than anyone?

Baker Mayfield to Carolina

A scare in Philadelphia

Were you there and did you see anything?

Yeah…this won’t go over well

Another mass shooting in America

When will it stop????

The arrest

The bullsh#t factory at Fox News is at it again

Tucker Carlson continues to spew his nonsense

Jayland Walker video released…shot 60 times

Protests continue in Akron

It has to be said

America in 2022

Darren Bailey…just another MAGA moron

Lock them up!

This is pathetic…

The GOP has gone to hell

Mastriano needs to be stopped

In New Jersey strip club news…

Carlos Santana collapses

Lockdown mode

Indecent bikini bottoms????

Casual Camila Mendes is fine as hell!

Margot Robbie turned 32

Final season of Stranger Things coming in 2024

The Maxim “hot 100”

Maxim’s sexiest woman alive

Paige Spiranic is a patriot

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