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Your Pi Brew (10/5/23): Phillies-Marlins, Eagles news, and more

Cover Photo Credit: Philadelphia Phillies

We’re back with an all new Brew. The Phillies beat the Marlins in the Wildcard round. The 76ers met up and hung out with Primetime. The Eagles still have some work to do. We have a ton to get to as always, so lets do this. It’s Brew time!

Let’s F’n go!!!

Is this the year for the Phillies???

Phillies eliminate the Marlins

Bryson Stott with the Grandslam

Celebration after the Marlins series

Bryce Harper is on a mission

Citizens Bank Park a SEC like stadium???

The Limited Edition American Straight Bourbon Whiskey and Vodka Bird Gang Edition

The Birds still have some work to do

Are you tired of the media attention that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are getting?

Every. Damn. Year.

The 76ers hang with Deion Sanders

The James Harden saga continues

Dude talks a good game…

Fifa World Cup 2030 news

Things are completely out of hand in Philly

Police catch the piece of sh*t

No smiles here for Pig D*ck????

Law & Order: Fraud Division

SNL returns on October 14th

The Strangers Trilogy is heading to theaters next year

Jay-Z & Kevin Hart in AC

Many famous faces showed up for the VIP blackjack party in AC

Do the cops have the wrong guy????

Holy Sh*t!!!!!!!

Chelsea Green is killing it right now!!

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