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Your Pi Brew (11/20/23): Monday Night Football, Aaron Nola, and more

Cover Photo Credit: Philadelphia Eagles

We’re back with an all new Brew. It’s the Super Bowl rematch tonight on Monday Night Football. The 76ers plan out their next move in their quest for an arena in Center City. Aaron Nola has re-signed with the Phillies. As always, we have a ton to get to, so lets do this. It’s Brew time.

The faces of the NFL

Andy Reid speaks on Jalen Hurts

Mike Vick will be a guest on ManningCast

For anyone that gives a damn

Aaron Nola will be back with the Phillies

What else do the Phils have up their sleeves?

76ers plan on parking for their proposed Center City arena

Are the Flyers actually….good?

Spirited fight ends mutually

The replay is not for the weak at heart

WWE and the Big 12 enter into a new partnership

Bray Wyatt commemorative merchandise collection

This looks F’n dope

Elon Musk is finally feeling the heat

Stars get racy at GQ party

Cassie and Diddy settle rape and human trafficking lawsuit

Sure pal

Snoop celebrates 30 years of Doggystyle

I’d stay and watch too

Good god almighty!!

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