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What to expect this NCAA Football season

The NCAA Football Season is back! College football is the one where we talk about traditional passion and rivalries. However, despite the tradition of the competitiveness of each team, we should make sure that we cherish this year’s season because this sport will never be the same again in the following years. This will be the last season that the Pac-12 will operate. 

It’s also the final for the Big 12 with Texas and Oklahoma, and the previous season had only four playoff teams. However, let us not be sad and disheartened. Let us get excited, as this year’s season will have much to offer for everyone! 

The following are some of the things to expect in this NCAA Football Season:

The Channels NCAAF Will Be Aired

Well, this is one of the most important details you need to know! ESPN, ESPN+, Fox, FS1, ABC, CBS, and NBC will air this year’s NCAAF. There will also be airing of several games on smaller networks and various sports streamers like the ACC Network, SEC Network, Big Ten Network, Pac-12 Network, Altitude Sports, and many more!

This year’s coverage will reach more audiences or viewers to watch and spectate the games. You might also like to make your prediction and prepare for the NCAAF odds this 2023 season!

Michigan Will Have Its Win Against Ohio State Again

As old rivals face and compete on the football field once again, the Wolverines strongly feel that this season can be the perfect opportunity to claim the trophy for their first national championship since 1997.

Joining the second time in his football career as the undisputed starter, Quarterback J.J. McCarthy is back on the field again. Additionally, Tailback Blake Corum is also returning after having the record of running for 1,463 yards and 18 touchdowns in the past season. This is the same for Donovan Edwards, who also ran for 991 yards with seven scores last year. The Wolverines are expected to fall at Penn State on November 11, but they will have a rematch to possibly beat Ohio State, which is set to happen at the Big House on November 25.

Georgia Will Claim the Top Spot

Sports enthusiasts for the 2023 NCAAF season predicted that Georgia would win this year’s season at 11.5, creating an intriguing bet to see how their fate takes a chance on claiming once again the back-to-back College Football Playoff national champions and continuing to be undefeated again in the regular season.

Additionally, when trying to foresee and look at the Bulldogs’ schedule this upcoming season, there is a considerable possibility of a slate with winnable games from the beginning till the end, emphasized with the only self-explanatory test with a road game against the SEC East up and comer Tennessee this upcoming November.

Everybody Will Make It To The Playoffs

Every year, the college football tradition claims to be the best regular season in all sports. This is because every single week of the games matters for the competing teams. Every team does their best to secure a spot. This season’s Week 1 and 2 games are a massive opportunity for each team because they believe every match counts, and this also lifts all of those teams’ playoff hopes.

They believe their chances of making it to the final four would be very critical and challenging to secure, with the slimmest case being if they lost just one game. Thus, having these limited slots for the NCAAF’s biggest prize means that the playoff-type games are getting nearer and very early in the season.

100-Win Milestone Awaits for Washington Coach Kalen DeBoer

Entering the national consciousness last year and a half, Coach Kalen DeBoer will probably hit his 100-win milestone this year’s season! During his short stay in Seattle, the Huskies already experienced its 21-2, and they currently claim the title of being the nation’s second place among all the longest winning streaks at 17 games.

As a head coach, DeBoer has won many games ever since Reggie Bush and Vince Young were still studying and attending school. Deboer’s five-year football coach term at NAIA Sioux Falls from 2005 to 2009 became one of the most dominant longevity of service in the sport’s history, given his winning breakthroughs that boosted his current credentials. The Cougars had a standing of 67-3 in those five years, securing four national titles.

Final Thoughts 

After the long off-season, the excitement of witnessing college football is finally back, and many are thrilled to watch and cheer for their teams. Even though this is the last year where everything still follows the old tradition, this is a good sign and a reminder for everyone to enjoy and cherish this year’s season. We must also embrace change for next year’s NCAA football season because, with this, we will be able to witness new strategies of play, newly joined teams, and predictions that excite everyone.


Photo: Kirby Lee-USA Today Sports

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