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Philly Influencer Live Podcast #11: Top Three Eagles Questions, How Good the NFC East Is and More

Recently, there has been a ton of outrage from people talking about Chip Kelly/racism/culture/Riley Cooper.

That’s Nick’s thing. He’ll post about it. I won’t. I won’t even talk about it. We’re going to focus on football and football only. You won’t hear us mention that on the podcast.

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 1pm, Sean Brace from & John Barchard from The Fanatic podcast live and discuss all things Philly! On this episode, they discuss the top three Eagles questions that need to be answered by August 29th (3rd preseason game), how good is the NFC East & Jon Stewart hangs it up. Contents listed below.


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2:00 Sponsors.

7:00 Important season for Chip Kelly.

8:35 Sean is in love with the Eagles defense.

12:00 A lot of people will be apologizing to Byron Maxwell.

13:00 DeSean Jackson hurt himself at practice today. 

14:30 Cowboys will be good, but how good?

17:30 Randy Gregory & rookie expectations.

19:30 Cowboys schedule is discussed. 

21:00 Will the Seahawks be the lead dogs again in the NFC?

25:00 Why will the Giants be better this season?

26:00 Three questions that should be answered by the third preseason game on August 29th.

27:00 Can Josh Huff be that #2 receiver the Eagles need?

33:00 When can we move on from the “Sam Bradford getting hurt” thoughts?

39:00 Reporters are keeping stats during training camp. Why?

41:00 How many interceptions will Sam Bradford throw in a 16-game season?

45:00 BREAKING NEWS: Kiko Alonso out with a concussion.

46:00 Miles Austin brings what to the table?

49:00 Name one thing that might surprise you this season.

54:00 Giving away free stuff next week! Tune in.

55:00 Jon Stewart hangs it up. End of an era.

Thank you for listening! PLEASE, tweet at us, Facebook us, talk to us about what you like or don’t like – we want to hear! Feedback is greatly appreciated.


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