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Philly Influencer Live Podcast Episode #14: Kyle Scott from Crossing Broad with a Surprise Call from WIP’s Josh Innes

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 1pm, Sean Brace ( & John Barchard ( The Fanatic) podcast live and discuss all things Philly! On this episode, Kyle Scott from Crossing Broad hopped on to discuss the Chase Utley trade, Radio Wars & the Eagles. We never made it to the Eagles conversation because WIP’s Josh Innes called in. Press play and enjoy!

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1:00 Sponsors.

4:00 Utley conversation starts.

10:00 Kyle Scott from Crossing Broad joins the show.

16:00 What is the one moment you will remember about Chase?

20:00 Should the Phillies retire Utley’s jersey?

24:00 When did the “Radio Wars” start for

30:00 Utley vs. Radio Wars, which show did better? 

35:00 Surprise guest Josh Innes joins the program.

40:00 Did the incident at training camp play out like you thought? 

48:00 Innes was “annoyed with the Utley love.”

51:00 Final Thoughts. 

Every Tuesday & Thursday we do it live at 1PM.


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  1. danny ozark

    episode #14 was great…sean that was funny when you revealed that dan baker and jeff mcclane stopped following you on twitter when you got fired from 975

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