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Philly Influencer Live Podcast Episode #13: Is the Eagles’ Defense a Top 10?, Bradford and Sanchez, Three Eagles Questions

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 1pm, Sean Brace ( & John Barchard ( The Fanatic) podcast live and discuss all things Philly! On this episode, it was all things EAGLES. A look back at preseason game 1 & what can we expect from Bradford/Murray in game 2. Contents listed below. Thank you for pressing play, enjoy!

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1:00 Trophy talk.

2:00 Sponsors.

7:00 The Eagles will be a top 10 defense this year.

9:00 Linebackers will be electric.

14:00 How many wins if the Eagles do have a top 10 D?

16:00 Sanchez vs. Bradford.

20:00 Expectations for this Saturday vs. the Ravens.

24:00 Are you OK with Bradford and Murray sitting game one of the preseason?

27:00 Barkley vs. Tebow.

30:00 The time Matt Barkley tweeted about Sean and said he was “unprofessional.”

35:00 If Tebow is on this team, Chip will get cute.

43:00 Marcus Smith. 45 plays, one tackle.

47:00 What’s next for Marcus Smith?

50:00 Brandon Graham will do what this season?

53:00 Looking for a place to watch the Eagles game on Saturday? Join Sean at Miller’s Ale House in Willow Grove.

55:00 Clemson Football Coach Dabo Swinney bans all social media for his team. Good move?

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