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Dario Saric Says He’ll Be with the Sixers Next Season

We mentioned in the Morning Brew that Dario Saric said he wanted to come to the Sixers in an interview with a Croatian newspaper. We think.

Here’s what Saric had to say, with help from Google Translate:

I’m not what I expected

– Maybe he has played in the Euroleague for Cedevita and I might go to the NBA from the Croatian. I did not stay in Cibona because I was told to play in the Euroleague only if I stay, instead we guarantee reinforcements. For this there can not say I’m unhappy, but that’s not what I expected. Maybe I was going directly to the NBA there were merry, and maybe I could not, so I had to go back to Europe. Here I am where I am and I’m not complaining. It could have been better, but boronic and worse.

The Sixers are impatient and Darius would like to bring already this season.

– I am in constant contact with the Sixers, they wanted me as soon as possible, but I have a contract with Efes. Terminate it is not the same as going to the market and buy a kilogram of cucumbers. But in the summer I will still go because I have a way out in the contract.

I dunno, Dario. To me, terminate means exactly going to the market and buying a kilogram of cucumbers. If that market is in Philly next year, then maybe – just maybe – we’ll have a basketball team worth watching!

H/T to Spike Eskin

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