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LeSean McCoy Takes Another Shot at Chip Kelly… or Does He?

Last night was one of the more enjoyable Thursday Night Football games in quite some time. It looked like it was going to be another blowout, but the Jets made a game of it. However, for Eagles fans, the most interesting tie bit came once the game was over.

Since he was traded to the Buffalo Bills,  LeSean McCoy has never been constantly taking shots at Chip. McCoy even claimed Kelly got rid of all the “good black players” on the roster. McCoy even went as far as to say he didn’t regret his comments, when given the chance to reign them in. McCoy also said in the offseason that the Eagles made a “panic move” to replace him with Murray and Mathews. Then the time McCoy accused Kelly of not liking star players.

So, if you expected McCoy to pass up another chance to take a shot, well, you’re wrong. This is what McCoy had to say after the game:

“He’s [Rex Ryan] been good to us. He really has. He’s a player coach … Small example, guys,  like we had a short week, for this week. We didn’t practice at all. Walkthroughs, more mental. Because the guys are banged up. You know, you play a physical game like this, you need time to get your body healed up, you need rest and recovery. Things like that, that some coaches don’t really look forward to doing that. That’s a small example. That’s something that Rex does.”

Kelly has a mixed reputation among players. Many support everything he does, and say he’s innovative. Not surprisingly, all the former Eagles that felt slighted after trades and releases have spoken negatively of him. In the offseason, former Eagles cornerback Cary Williams said the team was tired in games due to practicing so hard during the week.

So, what do you think of McCoy’s statements? Fair? Bitter player that needs to let it go? Well, one thing I can say is it should be interesting, Dec. 13th, when the Eagles play the Bills. Here’s to hoping we get more sound bites of a bitter, and angry Shady.

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