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Jerry Jones is Going “Balls Out” with Dez Bryant

Be afraid Cowboys fans, be very afraid. Jerry Jones’ ineptness almost killed Tony Romo. Now Jones has taken aim at his star WR, Dez Bryant. Bryant missed some games early in the season with a broken bone in his foot. The Cowboys are two games out of first place in the NFC East as we head into week 15.

Jerry Jones appeared on 105.3 The Fan’s Shan and RJ Show [KRLD-FM] as a guest to give an interview. Per Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News, Jones had the following to say in regards of possibly shutting Bryant down for the rest of the season.

“I’m not so sure the foot is an issue apart from the fact that it limited him very early in the season and training camp and of course the way we were involved in [contract] negotiations during the spring. In my mind, it is completely related to lack of practice, repetition. Dez is a passionate player. He’s a passionate practice player. But he just hasn’t had enough of it to cope with what we need him to be doing right now.”

Jones would continue:

“Shut him down? No. I hope their defense doesn’t shut him down early, but no, not at all. He’ll be a very important part of what we initiate and what we hope we’re still doing in the second half and hopefully through the end of the ball game. We’ll go balls out with Dez.”

Oh boy! Jerry Jones gives no shits. Franchise be damned, Jones is doing it his way.

Jones is nuts. The Cowboys aren’t winning anything this season, so logically there’s no reason to have him out on the field at this point. Jerry is known for notoriously bad decisions, like his continuous support of Notorious woman beater, Greg Hardy. That’s something that Jones has to live with.

This with Bryant along with rushing Tony Romo back from injury is putting other people in jeopardy. Jones is reckless at this stage of his life. The Cowboys will be in a better place the day that Jones has no hands in the pot.

The Cowboys play the Jets on Saturday. Hold your breath Cowboys fans.

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