Jon Gruden Partied with Hooters Calendar Girls

Jon Gruden is best known to Philly fans for being the Offensive Coordinator for the Eagles from 1995-1997. He’s now an announcer for Monday Night Football. Gruden was in Miami last week for the Giants/Dolphins game. The night before the game Gruden took part in a meet-and-greet with Hooters Calender girls. Let’s just say, Mr. Gruden is a very lucky fella.

Here’s Gruden with a lovely young lady…

Here’s Gruden livin’ that yacht life…

What a beautiful view!!!!!

Here’s Gruden looking like he’s having a difficult time containing his excitement at this point. The guy looks like he’s ready to explode…

Ummmm…. How do I apply to become an announcer for MNF?


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