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Please Welcome Jacklyn Adelene to

As we get bigger, we only get stronger. So, we’re adding a new field reporter of sorts, and her name is Jacklyn Adelene. Adelene will be’s face of online video content, and you’ll be seeing her out and about in the coming weeks and months around the Philly area.






Adelene is a Penn State University senior who already has a ton of broadcasting experience under her belt. She’s interned nationally with ESPNU, and also locally with FOX 29.¬†Adelene hosted and assisted in the production of a segment called “#SociallyAwkward” on FOX 29 Weekend. You can watch those segments, and more, on her YouTube channel.

In a recent interview with, Adelene expanded on her experiences from the past and present. Here’s what she had to say about joining the site.

I just recently started working with as a sports contributor, and the face of their online video content, which will be released very soon! Apart from that, I signed with agencies in Philadelphia and New York, which keeps me very busy doing freelance TV and film work.


You can follow Jacklyn on Twitter here.



You can follow Jacklyn on Instagram here.

Stay tuned to for Jacklyn’s exclusive video content.

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