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Video: Sixers Fans Give Kobe Bryant a Standing Ovation, Bryant Responds

Earlier, we posted a photo of Kobe Bryant sporting an Eagles shirt after his Lakers lost to the Sixers. That was kind of cool. However, don’t let Kobe fool you. He isn’t as enamored with Philly as he would have you think, especially with the revelation that he’s retiring at the end of the season.

Sixers fans decided to show Kobe some love when he was introduced last night. Some didn’t like it. Some did. Some didn’t care. And, hey, isn’t the worst thing in professional sports not to care? At least the arena was packed last night, right?

Kobe loved tearing our hearts out in 2001, so I’ll always have a little bit of hate for him. But, as you grow, you mature, and if the Sixers had someone with his motivation and drive, and, who knows, maybe they do right now, then they’ll be a much better organization years in the future than they seem to be right now. That drive from Bryant was evident in his career, and now that it’s coming to an end, maybe the appreciation for what got him to where he is, is actually setting in. It sure sounds like it.

I can’t script this stuff. I have a lot of respect and appreciation, the admiration I have for the city, to be able to have this moment here means everything.”
“They got me. I wasn’t expecting that type of reaction and ovation. It was emotional for me. [I] deeply appreciate it. Beyond belief. It was really special, man.”

And just like that, poof. He’s gone.

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