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Brandon Boykin Is Still Taking Shots at Chip Kelly

Brandon Boykin has been a very bitter man since Chip Kelly traded him to the Steelers. After being traded, Boykin joined the chorus of those that were insinuating that Kelly is a racist, though he would later recant his implication. However, we all know that Boykin meant what he said the first time.

Boykin again was given the mic to discuss Kelly when he was asked about the comparison between Kelly and his new head coach Mike Tomlin. Here’s what Boykin had to say:

Tomlin treats players like professionals and grown men.”

Boykin would add that Kelly didn’t respect many of the Eagles, nor was he surprised when Kelly was fired by the Eagles.

I think the players realized that a long time ago. Now the world knows. You can’t trick players or pretend to be someone you’re not if the results aren’t there. The guys who were man enough to make a difference and do something about it were axed or (Kelly) acted like there were sour grapes or whatever. We were telling the truth, and people see that now. We are grown men, and he overlooked that aspect of it. He acted like he was better and smarter than people at his level, and that’s where the respect was lost.”

I don’t know, but maybe it wasn’t so much Chip not respecting his players [or as Boykin puts it, people at his level(?) – players aren’t at his level, but whatever] as much as the players being oversensitive that Chip wasn’t one of their boys. Chip’s statement after his firing said his players mean the world to him. So about him not respecting his players? Boykin’s just talking out of his ass at this point.

I think it’s time for these players to move on already. Kelly has been fired and that’s that. Let it go!

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