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HELP WANTED: Social and Entertainment Writer

To all that are clicking on this link:
Thank you for your interest in joining They say timing is everything and that is why I feel the time is right to add another piece to the Philly Influencer puzzle. At this time, we’re looking for someone that can contribute to the social and culture side of things that we boast in our slogan.
We’d like to know if you do the following:
  1. Do you go to movies, concerts and other events?
  2. Do you watch Awards shows? (Grammys, Oscars etc.)
  3. Are you up on all things social media?
  4. Do you enjoy talking about all things “celebrity-related?”
  5. Do you pay attention to issues happening in our city?
If you answered yes to the following questions, please send your resume, any past articles you may have written and social media pages to [email protected]
While this will begin as an entry level position, this is a position that we hold with extreme importance, as well. We want someone with the creativity to encapsulate an audience the way we strive to do each and every day. Only apply if you’re ready to make this yours.


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