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Lenny Dykstra’s Son Speaks Candidly About His Father

Former Philadelphia Phillie Lenny Dykstra has always had his share of controversy surround him. From paying a private investigator to blackmail umpires to claiming that one cop whistled “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” while beating him back in 2012 in Los Angeles. However, Dykstra pleading guilty to bankruptcy fraud surely takes the cake of dumbest things he’s done, well that and the whole steroids thing.

On the field however, “Nails” was fun to watch, though his admitting using steroids completely wipes out any credibility he had. For his career, he had 81 home runs to go along with 404 RBI’s and 285 stolen bases. While many people while many won’t come to his defense for anything that he’s done in his career, surely his family will be right there by his side and give him a vote of confidence, right?

TMZ Sports caught up with his son Cutter Dykstra (who is married to the hot Jamie-Lynn Sigler) to talk to him about his father. The camera man asked Cutter if he thinks his father should be in the Hall of Fame. Here’s Cutter’s response.

Things are pretty bad when you’re son hesitates to say anything positive about you.

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