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Terrell Owens: Eagles’ Front Office Can’t Handle Big Stars

Terrell Owens will probably be one of the most iconic figures in Philadelphia sports history. From what he brought to the Eagles in 2004, to playing with a broken bone in the Super Bowl and being the best player on the field, to wanting a new contract just one year after signing one, Owens has been one of the most polarized athletes not only in this city, but nationally as well.

The problem with Owens has always been his mouth. He’s very outspoken, and regardless of whether he speaks truths or not, he seems to get himself into more and more trouble. He’s not really the first to do so, and he won’t be the last.

Yesterday, Owens was asked about the Eagles’ franchise being able to handle big personalities. You can imagine where Owens went with this one. And he didn’t waste any time using himself as an example. Here are some quotes, via

“I think there is a track record,” Owens said Thursday when asked if the Eagles’ franchise can handle big, star personalities. “Some of the best personalities, that can make for the best teams and the best teammates.”

“As the years progressed, I think everyone has seen it wasn’t really my fault that I left. I tried to be as honest as I could with management,” Owens said. “Obviously there were some situations going on there. Nothing really panned out since myself leaving. Andy leaving. Nothing.”

“It’s unfortunate. But it’s not the end of the road for some guys,” Owens said of the star players being let go from the Eagles. “They go on to play at a high level. I know that motivated me. When I went on to another team, regardless of the situation. I know part of it I contributed to by being honest, not playing the political game. But it never impacted me when I got on the football field. I think management could have changed that. I wanted to stay. Could I have done some things different with my teammates, coaches and maybe management in terms of communications? That is something I’ve grown to be better with since I left.”
Another issue during Owens’ time with the Eagles was his relationship with quarterback Donovan McNabb. The two clashed after their first season together, both taking shots at each other through the media.
“It was never bad to me. I knew wholeheartedly what went on in that locker room. I did what I could,” Owens said. “They brought me there to help get to the Super Bowl, and I did everything I could, even playing on the ankle I did in the Super Bowl. I did it because I knew the city wanted me there, I wanted to be there, and everybody realizes that when I got there, I don’t think he expected the city to embrace me the way he did. And I think maybe there was some jealously and envy there.”
Still, despite his rocky relationship with McNabb, Owens made it clear he remembers his time in Philadelphia fondly.
“The stadium chanting my name after I scored touchdowns,” Owens said. “Riding to the stadium, seeing a see of green.”

I miss him. I don’t even need to choose sides between Owens and McNabb. I miss them both. Oh, God, what’s wrong with me?

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