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The Sixers Are Reportedly in Talks to Acquire Blake Griffin

FOX Sports Ohio NBA insider Sam Amico just reported the Sixers and Nuggets are in discussions with the Clippers to trade for Blake Griffin.

How serious are the talks? Nobody knows. But, a deal would almost certainly have to include a combination of Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor and Nerlens Noel going to Los Angeles, right? If this is the kind of thing that gets you excited, Wesley Share is here to dis-excite (?) you.

I don’t disagree. This’ll be something to watch, though. I could absolutely see the Sixers making a move like this with the new front office addition of Jerry Colangelo.

UPDATE: Clippers beat writer for the LA Times Ben Bolch says there is no active interest by teams in Griffin. Remember that. Active.


  1. SF 49ERS

    Do not want him he is basically a elementary version of Shawn Kemp and Kemp didn’t do anything in his time there in the league. Just keep losing this season and hope to get that top pick stop winning

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