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A Man Was Murdered after a Guy Didn’t Like a Comment about His Devils Hat

This happened over the weekend but because details were sketchy, we decided on waiting until more information came out to post it.

A man was murdered in Rittenhouse Square on Saturday night likely due to a comment that was made about the suspect’s New Jersey Devils hat. The man wearing the hat was 40-year-old Steven E. Simminger of Media was arrested and charged with murdering Colin McGovern of Churchville after stabbing him during a scuffle¬†in Rittenhouse.

Someone reportedly made a comment about Simminger’s Devils hat as they passed him, but it’s not known if it was McGovern. After the comment, police say surveillance video shows the suspect walking back towards the group, leading to the confrontation.

Police say Simminger went to a¬†Veteran’s hospital on Woodland Ave to be treated, and said he had been in a confrontation, leading police to arrest him.

Let this be a lesson to everyone – sometimes sports shit-talking goes too far. If you’re sober or under the influence of something, just think of the worst thing that could possibly happen when in the company of others and stop your words and thoughts in their tracks.

Simminger reportedly wanted to be mentally evaluated, as well.

More from 6abc below.

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