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Sam Bradford Jumps on the Bandwagon, Takes a Shot at Chip Kelly in His Press Conference

Today, the Eagles trotted out Sam Bradford for his victory lap press conference now that he is signed, sealed, and delivered as our quarterback for at least next season. As many of our readers know, I am not a Bradford fan in the least. He seems like a good guy, but when it comes to being the leader of my squad, I have many concerns.

I am putting those personal feelings aside for now, and will hope to God that this signing works out for us, the fans. I’d be happy to eat my words and say I was wrong about him. I will say, however, that I thought he had a good press conference that you could take some key points out of and then the final quote which is a clear shot at Chip Kelly.

So, here are the bullet points of the press conference. You can watch the full video of the presser at the bottom of this post.

Sam wanted to be here

Bradford spoke to the fact that he always wanted to re-sign here. He said he loves the guys on offense that he has to work with, enjoys the atmosphere, and is looking forward to developing an even better chemistry with everyone and seeing the success they will have together.

I’m sure it probably didn’t hurt that he’d get the most money here in Philly if we were to re-sign him, but thats just the skeptic in me speaking. Moving on…

Sam has never not enjoyed any part of Philly

Bradford spoke to how he heard the rumors about him not liking Philadelphia, and not wanting to return. His response was pretty “par for the course” in that he said he doesn’t know where those reports come from, they are false, and that he loves everything about the city including the “most passionate fans in the NFL”.

Standard Kool-Aid answer, but that’s ok. What was he supposed to say? Yea, I hated it here but I got paid so I’ll suck it up? Not a chance.

He can focus on his body now

Bradford spoke to how this season will be a much welcomed change for him. He won’t have to worry about rehab, check-ups, and not moving too quickly on his legs. He said now he can worry about the offense, footwork, mechanics, and getting his body in the best shape possible. This is definitely a positive as rehab workouts and NFL get in the best shape of your life workouts are two totally different things.

However, he wasn’t already in the best shape of his life? I mean, he does fill out those Jersey sleeves fairly nice.

Coach Pederson being a former QB helps Sam a lot

Bradford spoke about how he and Doug Pederson have already spoken about the offense, verbiage, checks, and a multitude of other things already. He went on to say that having a coach that has played the quarterback position, has seen things from his viewpoint, and can relate is a big positive and benefit to him. He spoke about how it will help in strategizing, and relating the offense to what needs to happen.

Not to mention we have about 1,000 guys on the offensive coaching staff that have played quarterback and coached quarterbacks. It will be good for Sam and whoever we choose to be the heir apparent in this draft [or next draft].

Sam spoke to people outside the building about Doug Pederson

This is one of the things I liked most about the press conference. Bradford is taking this contract seriously, and wanted to be surrounded by the right guys. Could it be a byproduct of having worked with Chip last year? Maybe. However, I like that he said it was important for him to get the insight and opinions of people not still employed by the Eagles on what they thought of Pederson.

Clearly what he heard was good, because he is here and ready to go.


Sam won’t be wasting plays anymore, because now he can audible into a better play

This drove me absolutely insane while Chip was here! Audibles are there for a reason. I mean, hell… 10-year-olds in their bedrooms playing Madden on Xbox even get this concept. If you choose a play and then go to the line and it’s not a favorable matchup or someone is calling out your plays then you shift in to a favorable play.

Sam clearly took a shot at Chip here, and I for one loved it.

Here’s the full press conference:


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