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VIDEO: ‘Chapelle’s Show’ Actor Donnell Rawlings Throws Punches Outside of Little Pete’s

Donnell Rawlings started throwing punches after a fight broke out in front of Little Pete’s at 17th and Chancellor yesterday. It all resulted from an altercation that occurred when a Little Pete’s waitress accused Rawlings of skipping out on his tab. Rawlings told TMZ that he was eating breakfast at the diner yesterday when he walked out for a smoke and was then followed by a waitress who began screaming at him. He claims she never gave him a chance to pay.

According to a Little Pete’s employee, Rawlings appeared drunk and was walking out on his $12 tab. Cops were called to the scene after punches were thrown as shown in the video below:

Rawlings paid his $12 bill and left a 500% tip of $60.  No one was arrested.  He later tweeted:


  1. Hugh Jasole

    When Ashy Larry is kicking your ass it’s time to start rethinking your tough guy status. C’mon do you really think Ashy is gonn skip out on his bill. He was just trying to get into the dice game they were shooting outside.

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