Spotted: Joel Embiid Was at the Villanova Parade Yesterday

Joel Embiid may be a Kansas Jayhawk for the rest of his life, but he gave a little recognition to this year’s NCAA basketball champions and went to Villanova’s parade yesterday. Reader Dominic sent us this picture of Embiid with the following:

My son Dominic and I both played hooky to go to the ‘Nova parade. We are Temple guys, but respect the great run ‘Nova had and love parades. We had a great time. As we were getting ready to leave and hop on the sub to head back to the northeast, we see this giant casually strolling through the crowd. I’m like, ‘Yo, that’s Embiid.’ We chased him down for a photo. He was cool with it. None of the other ‘Nova kids knew who he was. We trust the process.”




Were you at the ‘Nova parade? Did you see anyone interesting and snap a photo? Let us know!

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