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Howie Roseman: Fletcher Cox Could Be One of the Greatest Eagles Ever

Howie Roseman joked about having to learn from his “mistake” in the leverage game when he proclaimed he didn’t want Fletcher Cox to leave the building a few months back.

Good thing the feeling was mutual.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ vice president of football operations Roseman and Cox met with the media Thursday to discuss the monstrous six-year, $103 million extension with $63 million guaranteed that was finalized Monday.

Roseman talked about why he made those comments about wanting Cox for the long term.

“We’ve had so much change here in the short term and one of the things that when you’re trying to build something you need is people to feel secure,” he said. “We didn’t want him at any point to feel other than how we felt. He’s a huge part into what we’re trying to build.”

Roseman admitted that he and Cox’s agent Todd France at one point “were far apart” in negotiations.

“We were far apart, but it came together fairly quickly here in the last week. They did a great job of telling us the main points they were concerned with and we tried to give them the same thing on our end. Really excited he’s here,” he said.

“I knew they’d get it done, when you’re dealing with stuff like it takes patience and a lot of time and they got it done. I’m really happy and excited about it,” Cox said.

Cox stated that he didn’t report to mandatory mini camp because a deal was imminent, he wanted to be there for his teammates.

“It was great to be out there back with those guys,” he said. “I was expecting to be at training camp.”

The first person Cox called after the contract was finalized was his mom. I mean, who wouldn’t? The 25-year-old also said that he hasn’t reached his peak yet. 

“I don’t think I’ve hit my ceiling yet. For me to be the player I want to be, it’g going to start on the practice field,” he said. 

Clearly Roseman agrees.

“Fletcher has a chance to be one of the great players in the history of this franchise,” he said.

Check out the press conferences below.

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