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Report: Cowboys Are Concerned about Ezekiel Elliott’s “Pattern of Disturbing Behavior”

On the field, Ezekiel Elliott is a beast and freak of nature, bullying defenders with his physical style of running.

Off the field, Zeke’s actions have left Dallas Cowboys Jerry Jones owner concerned.

ESPN’s Ed Werder reported Friday that there’s been a “pattern of disturbing behavior” from the No. 4 overall pick Elliott that’s included several instances already.

Elliott was seen in a legal marijuana store in Seattle Thursday afternoon. He visited “Herban Legends” weed shop in Belltown, scoped out the place and didn’t purchase anything, which is common among tourists. This doesn’t seem like a big deal to me, but the Cowboys are already without three players due to drug-related suspensions, DeMarcus Lawrence, Rolando McClain and Randy Gregory.

Here’s what Jones had to say.

“Well, I think that, in and of itself, the reason we are talking about it is in a way part of the learning process,” he said via the Star-Telegram. “But it’s not good. It’s just not good. It’s just not good.”

What I think isn’t good is the allegation of domestic violence in Columbus, Ohio. There’s an open investigation into the matter, but there’s been no updates as of yet.

Elliott was never arrested due to conflicting witness reports that stated Elliott didn’t strike the woman.

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