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Jay Gruden Didn’t Know an NFL Game Could End in a Tie … or Did He?

In case you slept in Sunday morning to ensure you were rested to watch the Eagles-Cowboys do battle on Sunday night, you missed an exhilarating London game, which ended in a 27-27 tie between the Washington Redskins and Cincinnati Bengals.

The Bengals, who have been involved in three of the last six ties in NFL history, certainly knew that a tie was possible.

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said during his post game press conference that he did not know that after 75 minutes of football in the NFL, a game could end without a winner.

Albert Breer of MMQB, however, believes Gruden may have just been poking fun at our old friend Donovan McNabb.

The tie is the second one of the NFL season, which makes it the first time since 1997 that an NFL season featured two games which ended in ties.

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