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Audio: Brandon Brooks’ Interview on WIP

Yesterday, Brandon Brooks revealed the “mystery illness” that’s kept him out of two of the last three games for the Eagles. He said he was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder that causes him to vomit and be sent to the hospital.

Brooks wasn’t done after that. In a fascinating interview with Glen Macnow and Dave Spadaro on WIP’s Inside the Trenches show on Wednesday night, Brooks explained that he’s a perfectionist that is obsessed with the game and continuously plays the film in his head when things go bad. He needs to turn the volume down.

“I’m going through an anxiety condition. What it is, it’s not nervousness or fear, it’s just my obsession with the game. And it’s OK to be obsessed, but if it’s a healthy obsession. I’m a perfectionist and anytime that I’m not perfect, in my head it’s not good enough. And it kind of just wears on me from there. But for me, going forward getting help that I need, I’ll be alright, I’ll make it through. And really, I’ll have to turn that volume down. Otherwise it’s been how it’s been, where I’ve gotten physically ill and have gotten sent to the hospital.”

The 27-year-old signed a five-year, $40 million deal during the offseason.

“I don’t remember good plays, I only remember bad plays, plays that I should have done them right. Things like that. The film is constantly playing in my head, even before I go to sleep. Just because I’m not watching the iPad doesn’t mean I’m not watching the plays. I just gotta calm it down.”

There hasn’t been a lot of bad from Brooks, he’s had a solid first year in Philadelphia. Brooks, who has revealed his anxiety to teammates in the past, stated that he wanted to share his condition with the public. It also goes deeper than just on the football field, he gave an example of feeling it while he was doing an assignment for school.

“I just wanted to get it out there. I mean, I was raised always to tell the truth. I’m gonna tell the truth, tell what’s going on, good, bad, or indifferent. I’m dealing with it, I’ll be OK, and life goes on. I mean, I love the game. I love the Eagles organization. I love my teammates, it’s been great here, love the fans, love the city, love going out there and competing on Sunday’s. It’s not fear, it’s not nervousness. I’ve been doing this for five years at, I’d say, a pretty high level.”

You can listen to the audio below, courtesy of CBS Philly.

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