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Ranking the Best Mannequin Challenges: Philly Edition

The Mannequin Challenge has been a social sensation for several months now. Whether you went to view your Twitter timeline or look at your local news, the familiar tempo of Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” invaded your screen. Like all exciting trends and popular phenomenons, the allure of this video frenzy is coming to a rapid end. Since we grow closer to the ultimate year ending countdown with each passing day, here’s a  rundown of one of the most entertaining bright spots of 2016:

5. Championship Challenge

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions crack the list at five with this locker room challenge. I really don’t know what’s going on with the blocking pad and the raised stools. It doesn’t matter. They’re winners. Fans also got to see a new skill, harnessing as  many basketballs as you can for a prolonged time. On any other list, that skill alone would’ve boosted this video higher on the countdown.

4. Temple Student Section Standstill

Things you’ll find in a student section: a lot of body paint and glitter, a bunch of riled up teens, and feverish fans. Very rarely will you hear dead silence from the most intimidating section in most college arenas. The Temple Owls student section, band, announcer, and massive player cutouts highlight this amazing challenge. Dear two friends in the middle of the video, stop screaming at your friend.

3. Penn State Statues

The newly-minted Big Ten Footballl Champions show you what a locker room looks like at the top. Here, thee players’ personalities and characters are on full display. The frozen post-victory celebration showed grills, players capturing the moment, and others proving they workout. The ultimate celebration erupts to a full-scale glorious scene.

2. Allen Iverson at the Sixers Game

Just like our hurtful and still painful championship loss, the 76ers comes close but miss the top. From the scenes from the hardwood floor to the surging club section, the 76ers had it covered. It would’ve been one of the GOAT challenges if Allen didn’t move in the end.

1. Tailgate Greatness

Even though this tailgate challenge didn’t have the gimmick song, it did have everything else. The Eagles’ drumline, drinking and partying fans, Swoop, and an inflated dinosaur attack. This challenge also gets the bonus points for getting some of the most talkative and raucous fans in the world to freeze for anything longer than 10 seconds.

Disclaimer: This challenge is dead. I don’t want to see anybody frozen at the Philadelphia Art Museum steps or holding up the line at Geno’s to take a video. There are people behind you waiting to order.

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