Philly Influencer Live Podcast 89: Is That Thor’s Hammer?

On this episode of The Philly Influencer Live Podcast, (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1:00 P.M. on Facebook Live) I decided to run through 10 topics, all in under 60 minutes.

Today’s podcast was a fun one. I opened up with my take on the NHL vs. NBA playoffs, a landslide victory again for hockey. I also touched on how petty Kevin Garnett and the rest of his Celtics crew are for crying about Ray Allen on national TV. Sad!

Other topics are listed below. Press play and be sure to hear about the girl that’s in the photo as well. 😉


  1. NBA Playoffzzz
  2. Three Year Bet
  3. Lonzo Ball
  4. Union Win
  5. Pearl Jam HOF
  6. Celtics Crying
  7. PSU Frat
  8. Mets Dildo
  9. Hang It Up Howard
  10. Porzingis and his Scranton Connection


Facebook Live:




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