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Video: Sports Science with Lonzo Ball

Love him or hate him, Lonzo Ball is a top prospect in this year’s draft and will likely be taken by the Lakers second overall. It is the perfect marriage for all parties included. He gets to play in a high class market while his Dad, LaVar, gets to be a daily guest on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Yes, it could really happen.

All kidding aside, Lonzo can flat out ball, no pun intended. While he was very close to the perfect collegiate player, there still were some glaring weaknesses that need to be highlighted. We all know he possesses the ultimate blend of athleticism, height, court vision, and deep-range shooting that coaches dream about. However, his unorthodox shooting style could be what sets him back and tames his overall potential.

His shooting mechanics are unique and can become a noticeable distraction if not careful. We all remember Hunter Pence and his quirky batting and throwing style that left everyone scratching their heads in this town for years. Lonzo is obviously more of a high profiled athlete, but it still begs mentioning that Hunter did it for some time without proper correction.

Part of Ball’s uniqueness is his odd release. He has a shooting form that comes up to a release from the left side of his head despite coming out of his right hand. His overall arc is a little longer than most and could prove to be a detriment to his scoring if properly defended. Occasionally, when Ball rises for a shot, he pauses at the top of his jump with somewhat of a hitch, releasing the ball almost on his way down. These are all concerns that could be wind up hurting his percentages on the court.

ESPN runs a segment on SportsCenter called “Sports Science” where they break down many athletes and the most recent one was titled, “The science of Lonzo Ball’s shot.”  Lonzo Ball’s shot has been called a number of things, and “Flawless” isn’t one of them. This video breaks down all you need to know about the concerns of his shot and points out what the main fears are going forward. This information is fantastic and an easy five minutes you won’t miss. So how will this affect this likely lottery pick? How will it affect his future NBA success? Can he or will he have to adjust to the NBA game? It all remains to be seen!


Click here if the video doesn’t load.


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