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Video: This Solo Announcer Is Impressive on His Kentucky Derby Call

Very cool! I love all things announcing. Even more when it’s a solo call! Don’t get me wrong, I think Marc Zumoff is awesome, but Tom McGinnis is off the charts amazing because he rides solo on the radio broadcast for the Sixers! Imagine over the last five years having to fill the 4th quarter with conversation that will keep the listener interested on top of yourself! Not an easy task. And from the looks of it, neither is this call!

Let’s head to Churchill Downs and watch announcer Travis Stone call the 143rd Kentucky Derby.

The best part is having to wear the card holder around his neck. Of course, he knows all racers by numbers and that helps you in the long run, but make no mistake, this was an awesome call and I’m glad the folks over at the Derby decided to release it!

Did you win any bets from the Derby? Tweet me a pic of your winning ticket if so!


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