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Are the Lakers “Souring” on Lonzo Ball?

When the ping pong balls went the Los Angeles Lakers’ way and they acquired the No. 2 overall pick during the NBA Draft Lottery last month, Lonzo Ball was the consensus among everyone to head to the City of Angels.

But now, maybe not so much.

According to Jordan Schultz of the Huffington Post, the Lakers are “souring” on Ball because of concerns about not only his outspoken father, LaVar, but a lack of confidence that Ball has superstar potential.

Very interesting stuff, but how much stock should we put into it? With a few weeks to go until the NBA Draft, we are in peak smokescreen season. I’m still fairly convinced the Lakers take Ball at No. 2, and if they don’t, the Sixers should draft him and work out a trade with a team picking behind them. They might be able to acquire quite a haul, especially if a team sees superstar potential.

Ball will work out with the Lakers on Friday and according to Schultz, he will have to be great.


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