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ICYMI: Philadelphia Wine & Cocktail Festival Served Up Drinks and a Fun Time

Upcoming Events’ Philadelphia Wine & Cocktail Festival was last night. Spanning the Event Center at the SugarHouse Casino, this event was brimming with people, cocktails, great music, and a fun times. There was up to 70 vendors offering up selective ryes, whiskey, wines, tequilas, vodkas, moonshine, and more. Here’s a recap of all the amazing features I found in my three-hours at this festival that quickly turned into a party of a gathering.

Wines & Cocktails 

The drinks of the night was without a doubt the beautifully balanced cocktails that Old Smoky Moonshine had on display. There was a flavorful punch and lemonade that had people lining up all night. 4Play Moonshine had an assortment of multiple flavored moonshines as well. From mango, to apple pie, to chocolate raspberry, there were plenty of options at that table. The woman running their setup proudly informed me that their mango flavor just won a sampling competition. Cooper River Distillers, a newer brand, had a nice selection. I also learned that they had weekly tasting events on Fridays and Saturdays. There were some household names at the festival including Cuervo, Bacardi, Crown Royal, and others. The Fox & Hound table also served up a special blue-shaded martini for the occasion. The wines at most displays included Sangria, Pinot, Chardonnay, Merlot, Rosé, and Prosecco.  Barefoot Wines added a little fun wrinkle with a snow cone machine for customers to fuse their wine of choice. Stone & Key Cellars was the most intriguing wine table. The Montgomeryville establishment had a full lineup of blended wines, barrel-aged  hard ciders, and more.

Food & Entertainment 

One of the most enjoyable parts of the night was the detail and attention put into the alternative attractions at this drinking festival. There was a silent auction that was full of inciting items. I thought really hard about a Goodfellas framed portrait. The sports memorabilia included several signed jerseys, framed quotes from legends of the game, and stadium collectibles. Art was also front and center on the night. Daniel Duffy from Philly Word Art had several creative prints. The images are truly amazing, often merging phrases and words to create a visual triumph that reflects key areas and figures in Philadelphia. Food and snacks were provided by JJ Bootleggers, KIND Snacks, Sweet Ladybug Cakes, and others. When passing the Keystone Farms Cheese table I couldn’t help but notice the stretching line. I had to ask a bystander if it was worth it. She emphatically told me, “This is some doggone good cheese!” Speaking of good, Hank Sauce  had the most amazing and flavorful hot sauces I’ve had in a long time. JNA Institute of Culinary Arts had a savory corn cake topped with salsa and roasted turkey. Music was provided by a DJ and the live sounds of Stephanie Brown. The latter of the two was really a standout of the night as she sang hits from all genres, featured great vocals, and an engaging stage presence. The night ended with the crowd on the makeshift dance floor, holding their drinks to sky, to put a beautiful close to this yearly event.


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