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Sum of All Sports Report: It’s time for Bonds to be in Cooperstown

We all know about the steroid era and are all familiar with the names. With past players like Piazza, Bagwell and Pudge getting their names on the wall, isn’t it about time to start hyping up the Bonds wagon?

I know where the baseball purists are going to go and to be honest, I am tired of hearing the same arguments time after time. We sit around now and talk about how baseball has become boring and tough to watch. One thing is for sure, when Barry Bonds was up in the order, everything just stopped!

This season his number was retired by the San Francisco Giants and his godfather, Willie Mays, said it’s finally time to give the Home Run King his due. Bonds has been on the Hall of Fame ballot since 2013 and will remain on the ballot through 2022. Slowly his support has increased from 36.2 percent to 56.4 percent in 2018 in a little over five years. Will he ever get his day? Would you vote yes or no?

Just to refresh you memory a little bit here…

Dive further into this issue with Radio Personality and Fantasy Sports Analyst/Sports Writer Tony “Jigsaw” Cutillo as he welcomes all comments and opinions. He uses his expertise to elaborate on all the top stories of the week while using his perspective to gauge interest. Here are his other sticking points he has up for interpretation this week:

 • Fantasy Football. Is Christian McCaffery a RB1? 

This is one of the most intriguing names in Fantasy Football. CMAC to me is severely underrated because of his lack of rushing attempts. However, in a PPR league who proves to be Fantasy Gold. Let’s look at the facts….

Last season as a rookie he only averaged 12 touches per game. He turned those touches into 80 rec (110 targets), which was the most among all NFL running backs. HC Ron Rivera brought in offensive guru Norv Turner to run that side of the ball and they are both on record as saying CMAC will be the focal point this year. Do you remember LT in San Diego with Norv? Is a season of 85+ catchers, and 100 yards rushing out of the question?

Who says this guy can’t run between the tackles?

• NFL. Preseason News. 

Coming into this season all the talk was centered around the QB’s in the draft, plus Saquon Barkley. Barkley was mentioned as the next LT and everyone was trying to figure out who the next great QB was going to be out of the bunch. After seeing them in action, on thing remains certain: they all can play and have excitement written all over them. I still can’t wait to see Baker Mayfield on a week to week basis. He has had a strong preseason. Are you sold?

MLB. Will the NL East be the best race in MLB?

Just as we have watched the Braves, Phillies and Nationals all flounder this week, the race for first is still wide open. Philly and Atlanta continue to sway back and forth, while the Nats on hanging by a thread. Looking at rotations, lineups and intangibles, who do you have coming out on top?

• NBA. Will Kyrie be a Knick? 

The NBA offseason has had its share of excitement to say the least. We had the LeBron saga, an IG comment fest between Jimmy Butler and D-Wade, and now the mystery of where Kyrie winds up. He’s on the last year of his deal and Danny Ainge has showed no loyalty to him since he has been a Celtic. His main issue continues to be health. The man has all the talent in the world and for my money, can carry at team on any given night. Isn’t this exactly what the Knicks need to go with their talented big man? Is there anywhere else you see him going? Would you pay Kyrie max money?

The Sum of All Sports Report has been running throughout the general media world and now it is a part of Its purpose is to utilize the various sports associations and bring them all into one specific theme. Debating and conversing the various opinions of the people continues to be the heart of sports media. Now it can all be done in one place.

Tony “Jigsaw” Cutillo has been using this report to gain traction all across the United States. From California to Colorado, his interviews, articles and weekly segments can be heard all across the media sector. He welcomes all opinions and debates. Now is your chance join in the fun!

He was featured on the CBS Cleveland19 News for his fantasy work and to answer the question of, “Is fantasy football destroying marriages?” Here’s the segment below:

Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH


Here’s a sample of his work on The Heat Ratio Podcast:

Meet Tony “Jigsaw” Cutillo (@TCutillo23):

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